A bird’s-eye view from Ground Zero

Just days after starting my job at FOX Business, I got an e-mail inviting me to a press-only event at Ground Zero. The idea was to bring yourself, a camera (or crew), and talk to building developers about their ideas slowly coming to life and taking their places in the Lower Manhattan skyline.

I knew I had to be there.

Since we had just days to prepare, a colleague of mine and I quickly threw around a few ideas for possible stories.

We didn’t have enough time to request a camera crew, so we decided to go for it ourselves.

Just days later, we found ourselves trekking from our bustling Midtown office on down to the Financial District.

After passing through security with our press credentials, we made our way into the dusty construction allowing 4 World Trade Center to rise. We laced up construction boots and donned bright yellow hardhats before we stepped on a construction hoist to pull us more than 60 stories above Manhattan.

We toured two different floors: the 14th and the 60th. I snapped pictures for a photo slideshow we would inevitably put together with our story. It was amazing to see something so wonderful rise above a site where something so devastatingly awful happened. But I’m so happy to see new life after more than a decade.

These are the views we saw as we rode the hoist elevator to the 60th floor. The view was impressive just a few floors up…but it grew even more breathtaking the higher we got.

If you look very closely, you can see the Statue of Liberty off in the distance. We toured the facilities on a very hazy late New York summer day…so the views aren’t as crystal clear as they are on a normal day. Still…very cool.

On the 16th floor…one of the empty floors. Obviously, it’s still under construction. But you can only imagine what it will look like once the offices fill up.

Amazing views. I’d love to see this as I look out the window for inspiration every day.

Ignore my iPhone reflection. Look at this view! These are from the 60th.

This is looking uptown. Again, if you can ignore the haze, you can see the Empire State building waaaaayyy off in the distance. Imagine it on a clear day.

This is probably my favorite picture of the day. Manhattan reflecting in a panel of windows of 4 World Trade.

And, of course, we paused for a couple of photo ops.

This is 1 World Trade as seen from the 60th floor of 4 World Trade. And the Hudson is off in the distance.

More of 1 World Trade, with the construction surrounding the reflecting pools.

Even in the midst of all that construction, somehow the reflecting pools look so serene and peaceful.

1 World Trade rising in the distance. 4 World Trade in the foreground.

This is the hoist elevator we rode all the way up.

It was definitely a one-of-a-kind experience. And I feel so privileged to have been able not only to participate, but also write about. Please read our full write-up of the future of 4 World Trade, and the complex as a whole, here at FOX Business.com.


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One thought on “A bird’s-eye view from Ground Zero

  1. It’s nice to get the behing-the-scenes insight on this one! Good work!

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